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Discover how aCoach can enhance your organization's sales coaching approach by exploring the resources provided below.

Live HCP Interactions: Maximize Coaching Impact

We believe that mandating that managers increase coaching sessions involving their HCP is the single,
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Video | Pfizer: Creating the Ultimate Field Ride

This video goes into excellent detail on how aCoach was set up for Pfizer, as
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9 Metrics For Measuring Sales Force Effectiveness

We explain how aCoach can support executives to understand what their coaches need to teach,
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Video | Novartis LTEN Webinar: It’s Time to Upskill Your First-Line Managers

Atomus CEO Simon Mormen shares a platform with senior Novartis leaders to discuss the crucial
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10 Step Guide to Improving Global Field Coaching Effectiveness

This useful guide gives a roadmap on how aCoach can enhance your field coaching effectiveness.
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Video | Coaching Conversations: Kevin Kutler, Novartis Pharma USA

This video features Kevin Kutler, Executive Director of Sales Training & Development at Novartis Pharma,
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