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The Ultimate
Coaching Platform

Atomus are the creators of aCoach. Our clients understand the importance of a modern coaching platform and its ability to upskill their field teams.

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An Unrivalled Experience for Your Field Teams

aCoach is deployed in over 40 countries. Each aCoach solution is tailored to meet the client's and their users' exact needs, no matter where they are.

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Unlock a World of New Insights & Opportunities

aCoach helps first-line managers excel at coaching. Accelerate the training process by making development plans more effective and learning resources easier to find.

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Clients include:

The aCoach Difference

The power of the aCoach Platform stems from its in-built configuration flexibility. Unlimited customization options and template-driven content provide a clear advantage over other coaching platforms.

Designed for Life Sciences

Our mission is to provide Life Science organizations with an intuitive sales coaching platform that empowers teams to realize their maximum potential. Achieving this will allow them to deliver consistent sales uplifts from their vital customer interactions, benefiting the individual employees and the organization.

A Tailored Sales Learning Platform

We know that one size does not fit all. That’s why aCoach integrates with your organizational culture and any methodology you’ve decided your field team will utilize, helping you grow and prosper and giving you control over implementing new features over time.

Measurable Results Delivered

Our approach to sales coaching platforms improves the efficacy of every training session. B-players can become A-players with consistent training reinforcement, and new hires can be brought up to speed faster. Increased management and motivation training also improve staff retention.

Empowered, Dynamic Insights

An integral part of our sales development platform is the crucial information passed up the management chain to leaders and educators. This gives them the tools to create and consistently develop replicable, measurable progression with each customer interaction.

An Enterprise Solution you Can Tailor to the Exact Needs of Each Field Force

aCoach’s template-driven content delivery approach allows organizations to create different sets of skills and competencies. This means that each country, division, team, job function, or seniority level receive a service bespoke to their needs.

Skills and competencies can be updated to reflect market needs, economic conditions, new product arrivals or unique selling points. This gives you total control over the development of your platform.

Atomus partners with some of the most demanding global organizations and are expertly qualified to answer any challenging questions you might have. We will help you create the process, content, and tools to shape highly successful field force development initiatives.

Once you’ve selected what you need from the aCoach feature list, the Atomus Business Team will explain the purpose and benefits of the features, working closely with you to create the perfect sales development platform for your organization. Additional functionality can be added over time, and custom features can be made if required.

The Coaching Framework and Competency-based Templates will be configured to embrace your coaching process and learning and development strategy.

Make excellence the new normal at your organization with aCoach.

Key Features & Functionality

Benefits of aCoach

Whether you’re looking to implement your first sales coaching platform, upgrade an existing solution or require a global approach, aCoach is the platform of choice.


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“This tool has far exceeded my expectations! The discussions have been extremely productive."
First Line Manager
"I would be more than willing to recommend you, the coaching system and, fantastic customer service."
Sales Force Effectiveness
“I am elated...! Fabulous teamwork from everyone! Congratulations!"
Commercial Effectiveness
"Having a tool which allows me to be more focused, streamlined and aligned to my team is incredibly helpful."
First Line Leader