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Getting Started

Unlock your potential with aCoach. Let our user-friendly platform create the ultimate experience for your field teams.

Our Bespoke Sales Coaching Enablement

With aCoach first-line leader coaching, user experience is at the forefront of all design choices.

Training and hosting, as well as technical and business support, are supplied at one all-inclusive monthly price per user. This means that you only pay for the coaching enablement service you use right now, with the ability to activate new features over time as your field force’s developmental needs grow.

01. Understanding Your Needs
Throughout our engagement process, we’ll discuss your immediate requirements, long-term objectives and any challenges your organization will likely face. In return, we share our experience, advice and the features that will overcome these challenges and accelerate skill development. Then, we can create a custom demonstration for you to share with your organization.
02. Creating Your aCoach
The aCoach team will guide you through the full range of features and business options to give you bespoke support in achieving field force excellence. Our tailor-made service prioritizes individuality, ensuring that no two clients are treated the same.With over 15 years of experience in coaching technology, our team will ensure we fully enable your sales coaching excellence. If you require any custom functionality, this can be assessed and addressed at this stage.
03. Stakeholder Buy-in
Before the all-important launch, we’ll work with your core steering team to fine-tune your unique aCoach package, ensuring maximum momentum within your organization. We aim to partner with you to pilot and then deploy your bespoke first-line leader coaching platform within collaboratively agreed project timelines.
04. Launch & User Training
We go live. The aCoach solution is straightforward to use, delivering a unified and consistent selling and coaching methodology to your organization. This will empower your field force leaders to raise the bar and unlock their potential. Training is carried out both virtually and in face-to-face sessions using videos, training decks, user guides and hands-on simulations in multiple languages.
05. Measuring Success
Thanks to their extensive experience, our team understands that change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we’ll manage your new development in hypercare mode for the first eight weeks. You’ll be offered weekly field content reports, meaningful KPIs and face-to-face meetings to boost adoption and highlight any areas of concern.
06. Post Launch
aCoach’s innovative sales coaching enablement platform is designed to grow with you, allowing you to control the implementation over time. Your aCoach specialist will continue to work with you regularly to ensure that, as a new challenge to your first-line leader coaching process arises, you are ready to respond rapidly and can also measure the results of any changes.

Watch this short video to learn more about how aCoach can overcome the unprecedented challenges faced by sales teams.

Coaching Platform Checklist

A modern Field Coaching Platform should provide users with the ability to:


Be scalable, configurable and flexible; a platform that can cater to cross-functional requirements across multiple field forces while dovetailing with your existing coaching culture and methodology.

Best Practice

Provide the engine, workflow and guide rails to ensure that your organization's sales, learning and coaching best practices are comprehensively adhered to.


Display the organization's skill level expectations to allow both the coach to relay observations and the learner to benchmark their own perception of skill efficacy.


Build and maintain a seamless link with your pre-existing systems to keep the platform current and alleviate labor-intensive interventions like manual updates and assessments.


Track and analyze coaching interactions at all levels in real-time, ensuring the right coaching is taking place at the right times and addressing the right goals with the right actions.


Provide senior leadership with clear and concise insights needed to drive decisions for employee promotion, budget optimization and enabling sales coaching opportunities.


“This tool has far exceeded my expectations! The discussions have been extremely productive."
First Line Manager
"I would be more than willing to recommend you, the coaching system and, fantastic customer service."
Sales Force Effectiveness
“I am elated...! Fabulous teamwork from everyone! Congratulations!"
Commercial Effectiveness
"Having a tool which allows me to be more focused, streamlined and aligned to my team is incredibly helpful."
First Line Leader