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aCoach Features

aCoach helps Life-Science organizations achieve Best-in-Class coaching standards and rapidly upskill their field force teams.

The Coaching & Development Platform Made for Life Sciences

aCoach is a multi-module life sciences coaching application hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It benefits from total customizability, allowing seamless integration with your organization’s existing systems, processes, and culture. This bespoke life sciences coaching platform is template-based, enabling multiple configurations in one platform.

With a proven track record across single and multiple franchises, aCoach is the first choice in pharma coaching systems for leading global organizations, including Pfizer, Novartis, and many more. We’re proud to support these groups as they operate in over 20 therapeutic areas in over 40 countries.

aCoach’s experienced team will help you create the templates you need to accelerate the learning and development needs of each role, field force, or market. Our bespoke life sciences coaching app ensures that your front-line personnel are coached on the specific skills they need to compete and succeed when selling your products and services.

Industry-leading Coaching for Representatives, MSLs & Account Managers

Support your managers by giving them the tools they need to excel. aCoach empowers organizations to support their managers’ efforts by ensuring the coaching process is clearly defined, team development tools are centralized and by providing employees with a simple and intuitive user interface.

aCoach allows you to create your own role-based templates containing relevant competencies that display only the pertinent content and features for the specific user profile.

This streamlines the creation of development plans, making the process more relevant and effective.

Upskill Your First Line Leaders

Upskilling first-line managers is vital to keeping pace with the changing commercial and technological landscape. Helping managers adapt to new requirements, master new selling skills and understand how to coach them is essential to elevating HCP call quality and sales performance.

Second-line leaders can conduct a 360 with the managers’ team, creating a personalized development plan for the manager if desired. aCoach includes features for coaching managers, teams and individuals or teams. In addition, it allows field trainers to add feedback and actions directly onto the coaching plan.

Role-based Competencies, Content & Configuration

With aCoach, you can create learner experiences tailored to a specific role, field force, country, or market. The bespoke nature of our life sciences coaching platform means that you can quickly bring new hires up to speed, and better motivate key employees and management personnel, thus improving retention. It also gives your leaders the tools to create and develop replicable, measurable progression with each customer interaction.

We took care to take an individualistic approach when designing our coaching platform because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. For example, key account managers will need to learn unique skills and require different learning resources to that of a medical science liaison specialist or senior sales professional.

That’s why when a user logs into aCoach, the associated template is loaded with the correct features, competencies, and learning resources for that specific role or team.

Identify Skills Gaps & Development Opportunities with Self & manager Skill Diagnostics

For organizations that incorporate skill ratings into their coaching process, this is one of our most popular features and has proven itself time and time again.

The competency level definitions in aCoach make evaluation easy and consistent. Managers and senior leaders can quickly gain insights into skills gaps and streamline their coaching and training materials to maximize performance gains. Diagnostics are available for team members, managers and second-line leaders. This feature always generates highly positive feedback.

Create Smart Goals & Actions for Each Competency

Helping managers create well-written and effective coaching plans is essential to our life sciences coaching platform. When designing templates, pre-written goals and actions can be added for each competency. This gives managers an easy way to create personal development plans without starting with a blank sheet of paper.

The pre-written goals and actions can then be personalized to suit the specific objectives of each learner, saving managers time and adding consistency. Personalized and purposeful development plans help to bring new hires up to speed faster, as well as move the needle on core performers and motivate key employees.

For more information, read our 10-step guide on improving global field coaching effectiveness.

Integrates with your Existing LMS, HR, and Learning Systems

By linking directly to your LMS, aCoach ensures that the expensive learning resources that your organization has created are made available to the manager in a relevant and easy-to-use format at the most effective time – during the coaching session itself.

This feature lets you link to your LMS resources, learning paths, and materials directly from within the coaching plan. This means the manager can see and assign skill-specific resources from within aCoach, adding due dates and comments as required. This ultimately means less time wasted for managers and better utilization of your training resources.

Training Reinforcement & On-The-Job Coaching

One of aCoach’s key objectives is to link training and on-the-job coaching, which is proven to increase learning retention and sales performance.

Our life sciences coaching app places on-the-job training reinforcement tools at the managers’ fingertips. This means that team members who have recently received training can be flagged for on-the-job follow-up activities, and post-training-related goals and actions can be assigned by the training team.

Certifications, Role Plays & New Product Launches

In the fast-changing world of life science regulation, we’ve seen a growing need for role plays and certifications. aCoach allows an assessor, manager, trainer, or role-play leader to rate the team member on the skills that require certifying without additional applications or standalone documents.

This feature has also gained widespread popularity with managers handling new hires. Access to their certification gives managers a valuable and concise view of their new team members’ induction training, easing their transition into the field. The certification records are held in the application and form part of the team members’ development history.

It’s a benefit that also helps when launching a new product, as head office personnel can create learning assignments for team members, managers, or both. The assignment can be pushed directly to the specified user and can include resource links, eLearning courses, tasks, and evaluations. Pass and fail thresholds can be set, too, ensuring all team members are up to speed before engaging with customers.

Custom Module Development for Personalized Learning & Competitive Advantage

The capabilities and functionality of most learning or sales enablement platforms are rigid and cannot be modified to suit your exact needs. Atomus is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and from the outset, it designed the architecture of aCoach to be modular, flexible, and customizable. This enables aCoach to meet your immediate requirements, as well as being able to scale and adapt as your needs evolve, and priorities change.

Whether developing new talent, improving sales readiness, incorporating commercial information, or communicating business objectives, our team will work with you to create the ultimate life sciences coaching platform for your organization.

Powerful Reporting & Insights to Drive Decision-Making and L&D Investment

At the outset of implementing aCoach, KPIs and tolerance thresholds can be configured for dashboards, automated reminders, and reports. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics can be established, benchmarked, and tracked. The aCoach team will ensure you have the correct KPIs to monitor coaching outcomes and a progression toward your corporate goals.

As your data library grows, you’ll be introduced to the aCoach reporting suite. This empowers HR, senior leadership, sales training, and legal/compliance teams to enjoy newfound visibility of crucial coaching insights through dynamic reports and dashboards.

Your dedicated customer success manager will be your go-to person for business-focused requests and actions to guarantee that aCoach delivers on its promise.

Discover how Novartis is using aCoach to innovate their coaching platforms with our innovative life sciences coaching app.

Benefits at a Glance

The power of the aCoach Platform stems from its in-built flexibility. In addition, the adaptability of configuration and its template-driven content sets it apart from other sales learning platforms.

Benefits at a Glance
Team Members
Senior Leadership
Global Leadership
Enterprise Solution
Tailored to your needs
Competency-based on templates by role
Skills gap analysis
Integrates your training with coaching
Streamline with aCoach intelligence and automation
Coach the coach capability
Increase pull-through on existing training
Create consistency in and between coaching sessions
Custom functionality
Improve New Hire Onboarding
Effective New Product Launches
Enhance Customer Interactions
KPI Tracking & Analysis
Works both on and offline for field-based teams

Business Case & ROI

Improving the effectiveness of your largest investment.

Achieving more from your existing field force is paramount to performance improvement and success. Regardless of the status or maturity of your current coaching process, our business team will help you overcome your challenges and deliver the best solution possible.

Atomus partners with some of the most demanding global organizations and are expertly qualified to answer any challenging questions you might have. We can support you in creating the process, content, and tools to shape highly successful field force development initiatives.

aCoach enables organizations to support their managers’ efforts by ensuring the coaching process is clearly defined and that all necessary data capture and tools for team development are easily accessible in a central location.

The benefits of an aCoach deployment can be seen within a short time frame, therefore it is relatively simple to justify and demonstrate your return on investment. The Atomus team will help you with a compelling business case. This will include short and long-term financial and performance predictions for you to share within your organization.


"We are glad to say that everything is perfect. Many thanks!"
Training Team
“I Love this thing!! Best app ever. It’s all in one place and easy to find."
First Line Manager
"I have to say that aCoach is likely one of the best tools I have seen in my fourteen years at this company."
First Line Leader
"I would be more than willing to recommend you, the coaching system and, fantastic customer service."
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