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a:coach is an established coaching & development system. Comprising of 8 core modules,
the system empowers organizations to initiate, manage and drive the improvement of personnel
in the field, off-site or at branch locations."



a:coach is an established coaching & development system. Comprising of 8 core modules,
the system empowers organizations to initiate, manage and drive the improvement of personnel
in the field, off-site or at branch locations."

a:coach Suite

a:coach system

In addition to offering custom software development, cloud migration, and mobile app development we offer software for the enhancement of your company. a:coach has been developed over 10 years with input from leading experts and demanding global companies who understand the need to focus on improving customer interactions, deliver “on-brand” behaviors and enhance retention and pull through across their teams. a:coach is a powerful tool to launch, grow or re-invigorate a coaching culture.

Once the organizational standards and top performer behaviors are visible, organizations can then focus on deploying approved coaching methods and resources to core and under-performing employees, working with them to improve their individual performance

a:coach is the tool that Corporations & SMB's utilize in real - life work situations to assess, develop and reinforce the key skills that are learned in the classroom.


a:coach ensures a consistent and transparent methodology is adhered to when coaching and developing any levels of personnel and is fully customizable to accept your own sets of competencies and behaviors for each team level. Additional modules enable career progression management, talent management, and virtual coaching, all from within one flexible tool. Add to that the inherent legal compliance, audit trail functionality and comprehensive reporting and you can see why a:coach is a must have when it comes to managing your Coaching Culture.

a:coach is used by forward thinking organizations globally who benefit from improved personnel performance, staff retention and revenue growth of up to 22%.

a:coach Difference

Coaching Interview

Historically coaching or personnel development software is tick box orientated, a:coach is about improving each manager and each employee individually, ensuring that the approved coaching methods and resources are readily available and accessible and then applying consistent and repeatable techniques that will take the targeted behavior or skill to the next level. The consistency and visibility achieved by using a:coach aligns the coacher with their coach and enables focused development of selected skills over time which in turn removes ambiguity, frustration and confusion leading to better focused, better motivated and higher performing teams.

Creating a Coaching Culture that works for all Levels of the organization

Many organizations already understand what makes their top performers tick and are keen to replicate these skills in their mid-performing core. Far fewer organizations understand that the only true way to harness and eventually unleash this immense potential power is to track and analyze coaching interactions at all levels to ensure that the right coaching is taking place at the right times addressing the right goals with the right actions. Without a tool such as a:coach the immensity of data analysis becomes too timely to pursue and the crucial KPI reports that will provide the necessary warning lights that will allow you to steer your Coaching Culture to greatness will remain just a forgotten diagram on a lost flip chart.

The a:coach system provides the engine, work-flow and processes to improve personnel performance. The best results are achieved when deployed in organizations that believe in and cultivate a coaching culture. These organizations recognize that class room training courses, & web based learning modules alone are not enough to really change learned behaviors in today’s climate. Only by spending the time and working with employees on a regular basis at an individual level in the workplace can the team leader or coach really raise and sustain performance.

a:coach provides the platform to establish, assess and target key skills and behaviors. It then lays down the guide rails for the coach to apply the correct resources and coaching to achieve measured improvement in performance over time.

Who uses the a:coach System


a:coach is suited to ‘advice led’ selling organizations with 100+ users, if you have branches, agents or field based employees that advise and sell using product or service knowledge a:coach will help you improve their performance and enhance your customer experience.

Industries such as, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, finance and mobile network operators all benefit from a:coach.

a:coach Modules

Coaching and Development Module

Coaching and Development Module

a:coach is available as a Standard or Enterprise suite, both are fully customizable and offer on and off line usage for those in the field without internet connectivity.

a:coach is available via the Cloud or traditional server based platforms and extends to all major mobile and hand held devices. a:coach lite is available to organizations with less than 100 users.

Key Features
  • Consistently improves on representatives interactions with customers
  • Pinpoints recurring training and coaching needs
  • Enables both Coach and Coacher to work towards clear and achievable goals
  • Documents all field coaching interactions for HR and legal in case of performance or compliance issues
  • Provides On-Demand Dynamic reports to give you instant visibility of the “big” picture

Talent Management Module

Talent Management

This optional module provides organizations visibility, transparency and diligence to all talent management and career progression activity.

Key Features
  • Ensures top talent is identified and development potential is realized
  • Generates senior leadership faith in the selection, development and quality of post development candidates.
  • Protects your organization from litigation by ensuring a clear, auditable and permanent record of all applications and histories
  • Tracks the cost of home grown talent compared to external hires.
  • Generates senior leadership faith in the selection, development and quality of post development candidates.
  • Adds a transparent and legally defensible approach to internal Talent Management programs

Virtual Coaching Portal

Virtual Sales Coaching

As an extension to a:coach the virtual coaching portal offers the ability to deliver training and coaching in a virtual world, to reach employees, update, influence, motivate and coach them in groups or on a one-to-one basis. The Virtual Coach Module provides a cost effective and powerful solution for Coacher led self-coaching programs with the ability to chat with a Live Coach as and when required.

Content can be re-purposed, specific or include live or prerecorded video. Desktop sharing, pod-casts, voice and video all enable a enriched learning experience. This module not only enables a new coaching platform, but provides employees updates, news and a sense of belonging.

a:coach Features

Key Features and Modules

a:coach is multi-platform compliant and is able to be installed into Oracle, Microsoft, as a client server or Cloud Computing solution.

Employees (Users) Up to 100 100 - 500 500+
Profiling Basic Standard Unlimited
Behavior Mapping No Yes Yes
Management Tiers 1 3 Unlimited
Multi-Lingual No Yes Yes
360 Development Plans No Yes Yes
Activity Dash Board Basic Yes Yes
Document Work-flow No Yes Yes
Sales Reporting No Yes Customizable
Analysis & Reporting Module Yes Yes Customizable
Microsoft Integration Limited Yes Yes
Customizable Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced for Mobile Devices Limited Yes Yes
Off-Line Module No Yes Yes
Talent & Career Progression Module


Optional Optional
Virtual Coaching Portal Optional Optional Optional
SaaS Yes Yes Yes
Support 2nd Line/Technical 1st to 3rd Line 1st to 3rd Line

Getting Started

If you would like to discuss the suitability of a:coach for your business or arrange a demonstration we would be pleased to hear from you.

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