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Monday, May 20 - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Room C 140
Workshop code: M31EXD
Simon Mormen, Managing Director, Atomus
Workshop Information
Does your coaching program contain all the vital elements to ensure your classroom training sticks?
Many large organizations have only just started to understand that in order to make their training stick they have to take a more analytical view of the post training coaching that take place in the field.
This workshop will explain the fundamental must haves to maximize the effectiveness of your coaching with insights into how global organizations use the a:coach coaching tool to get ahead of the curve and create visibility and consistency in their coaching programs.
See how global organizations use the a:coach coaching tool to maximize training pull-through and coaching effectiveness. Learn how analyzing coaching metrics delivers crucial feedback to highlight training needs and enhance your future coaching strategy.
Without a tool to ensure that all the organizational coaching activity is centralized it is extremely hard to ensure:
  • Your training spend has been effective
  • Coaching is actually being carried out
  • What parts of the training have stuck and what parts have not
  • Where you need to focus resources to harvest low hanging fruit
  • The coach is coaching in a consistent and motivational way
  • Your coaching KPI’s are being assessed and reviewed
Add this workshop to your schedule if you...
  • Do not have clear visibility or metrics on your organizational coaching and realize you need to if you want to improve it
  • Think your coaching is lacking clarity and consistency but are struggling to prove it
  • Find your training budget is not yielding large enough visible benefits for the spend
  • Need to take your coaching to the next level and believe a coaching tool could be the way forward
  • Would like to understand how global corporates are using iPad technology to enhance their coaching effectiveness
  • Can see the benefit of centralizing your entire organizational coaching activities into a central system
Meet the team and see how a:coach could help you and your organization improve your Sales Force Coaching & Development.
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