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Managing Director of Atomus, Simon Mormen will be speaking this November at the 3rd Annual Oncology Japan Conference.
The event hosted by EyeForPharma at the Tokyo, Hilton on 7th & 8th November 2012 will be attended by over 250 senior level executives. Speakers will include Heads of Oncology and Senior Leaders from Novartis, Roche, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck, Abbott, Astra Zeneca, Chugai, Eli Lilly and Janssen.
Following the success of the a:coach system in SFE, SFA, Sales Training and Marketing Departments around the world , Simon will focus on the commercial gains available when Pharma Sales Forces truly focus on improving rep performance. The a:coach system has helped leading Pharma organizations gain visibility and focus on the rep skills, competencies and interactions with Physicians.
The a:coach system empowers organizations to see and identify the events, impact and effectiveness of their managers and reps in the field. Furthermore once the skills gaps, customer interaction weaknesses, missing knowledge or techniques are identified a:coach provides the platform for these to be measured and developed. As many organizations now mandate that 45-65% of first line manager time must be spent on field rides with their reps, making sure that this time is valuable and effective makes all the difference.
With the economic belt tightening in the USA and the sales and sales forces in the emerging markets growing, improving customer interactions and maximizing opportunities should be at the top of the SFE agenda. The 300+ features within a:coach enable organizations to create a toolset and configure exactly what they need to deliver and monitor their front line strategy. a:coach improves each manager and each rep individually by ensuring that classroom training is strengthened and embedded in the field.
a:coach monitors the usage of your chosen coaching methodology and process alongside the interpersonal and relationship skills that your sale force needs to gain quality airtime with physicians and a sales advantage over rival brands.
Find out more about Atomus at Oncology Japan 2012.

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