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The annual SPBT conference sees many of the world’s most demanding Pharmaceutical Companies looking to find inspiration and competitive advantage over rivals and this year’s conference was no exception.
The Atomus team were booked to present a sponsored 90 minute workshop on “Choosing the Right Coaching Tool” and were also based at booth 612. The workshop was well attended with many of the attendees hoping to hear the inner secrets of how Novartis embraced a:coach to drive and deliver their successful sales force coaching programme. Whilst no inner secrets were disclosed, the workshop was highly praised, engaging and lively at times. The principles, challenges and reasons behind selecting a:coach, together with the benefits and successes were shared and debated.
The workshop explained the need to have a tool that is aligned with, but not necessarily seen as part of a Sales or CRM system. Creating a platform where managers and reps can work together to achieve personal progression simply should not be confused with deal size, pipeline, end of month and end of quarter sales figures. The coaching of skills and techniques needs to be treated separately and with diligence to ensure real measurable performance improvement. In a brief survey of the audiences current methods for tracking and managing their coaching program; 50% of the audience had an electronic system they felt was not satisfactory, with many attached to Sales and CRM software, 30% had either paper or spread sheet style field coaching reports, with the balance looking to introduce a new system as part of getting managers starting to focus on field sales coaching.
The key learning’s for most seemed to be around the ease of deploying the cloud based a:coach tool and the infinite ability to customise and integrate with existing processes. Whilst much of the workshop time was based around coaching metrics, the rest of the workshop talked through the elements necessary to put real teeth into a coaching program.
a:coach enables coaching at all levels and in all divisions, as performance improvement is not a requirement for sales teams alone. The a:coach 360 assessment and the findings accompanied with the drill down reports that support these were well received, with attendees agreeing that establishing one clear benchmark and scoring system was critical to success.
The final stage of the workshop explored the necessity and power of shared reporting on trusted information, with Novartis emphasizing the importance of providing an accurate and clear picture to all levels of the organization. The demonstration showed both standard and customized reports including; drill downs for Managers, Regional Directors, National Sales Directors as well as multi-country reporting, with each report being able to be compared against; organizational targets, the company norm and top performer profiles.
If you have any questions about how a:coach can help you get started, make a difference or why a:coach should be preferred over coaching add-ons to existing CRM systems please ask us...
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