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The a:coach team were based at booth 1251 and presented an exclusive workshop on Day 1. The workshop was entitled “Getting Visibility and Control of your Coaching” and was aimed at two audience types; those with no formal coaching model or tracking in place, and those who already had an electronic system, but were not satisfied with it. The workshop was well attended and included audience members that were not only interested in sales force effectiveness, but also needed to understand how to measure and ensure consistency during coaching interactions within other areas of their organizations such as Marketing & Manufacturing.
The unique design of the a:coach system ensures each instance is moulded and configured to the clients exact requirements, making it not only one of the very few truly dedicated coaching systems, but also the most powerful and flexible.
Tough questions were asked and throughout the workshop the key questions were around how to achieve buy in from Senior Leadership... Atomus CEO, Simon Mormen, referred to the latest industry research and specific case studies in order to answer the questions. He explained that each company will have differing and sometimes unique business drivers, demonstrating how the system will help these be met, and building the plan and ROI around these is critical to achieving; buy-in, acceptance and support.
The most important thing is to start to track the basics NOW and once you are up and running it is far simpler to incrementally build a path to include further a:coach modules such as; benchmarking, 360 assessments, and integration with HR, LMS or CRM systems.
The stand received a higher than average visitor ratio with much of the time spent on live demonstrations highlighting the key features of a:coach (including its ability to perform on and off line !!), the reporting metrics and how easy it is in Version 3.0 to move from the Laptop version to the iPad version or to utilize both across a single organization.
If you have any questions about how a:coach can help you get started, make a difference or why a:coach should be preferred over coaching add-ons to existing CRM systems please ask us...
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