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Pfizer Case Study
Creating the Ultimate Field Ride
Tuesday, 2 June, 2015
Learn the secrets of developing today’s sales rep and how Pfizer remapped their Selling Capabilities and deployed a sustainable platform to drive the change.
An in-depth soup to nuts presentation of how Pfizer North America have recently assessed and revamped their Sales Force Capabilities and subsequently implemented a change program including the deployment of the Atomus a:coach iPad application that enables them to track monitor and dramatically improve coaching, training re-enforcement and compliance.
In this Case study, senior leaders from Pfizer will share their journey to the Ultimate Field Ride including the obstacles that they faced and overcame to implement a more effective, current and robust sales force coaching process across their entire North American Sales Force.
Includes the chance to pose your questions and concerns to the team and find out how they created a sustainable platform using the ‘a:coach’ Sales Performance & Development System.
The LTEN (formerly SPBT) Annual Conference is the only training conference designed entirely for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic learning and development professionals.
June 1-4, 2015
JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ
See Atomus and the latest version of a:coach at booth #312
See Atomus and the latest version of a:coach at ASTD 2014, Booth #132.
ASTD International Conference and Exposition is the premier event for training and development professionals, with more than 9,000 attendees from over 80 countries.
Join us May 4–7, 2014 in Washington, D.C. to share insights and best practices with colleagues, network with the smartest people in the profession, and learn from world-renowned thought leaders. You won’t just be keeping up with the latest trends; you’ll be staying in front of them.
Top 5 reasons to attend:
  • Largest conference in the field providing the most choices for your development
  • 300 top rated educational sessions
  • World-renowned speakers
  • Networking with like-minded peers from around the world
  • World-class expo.
a:coach provides the tools to achieve successful on-the-job coaching and training reinforcement, as well as delivering all the necessary tracking, reporting and analysis organizations need to focus in on the improvement and development of teams and individuals.
Find out how a:coach can help you and your organisation, improve your Learning & Development Effectiveness and ROI. Contact us for a demonstration or for more details on the ASTD event.
Windows Azure is the first public cloud platform, with infrastructure services and platform services, to receive a Provisional Authority to Operate from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board.
Sept. 30, 2013 - Windows Azure is the first public cloud platform, with infrastructure services and platform services, to receive a JAB P-ATO. This level of federal compliance helps assure Microsoft customers that Windows Azure has undergone the necessary security assessments.
“Given the rigorous process involved in achieving this level of FedRAMP compliance, which includes a greater depth of review than that of an agency-level authorization, Microsoft customers using Windows Azure can trust it meets FedRAMP’s rigorous standards,” said Susie Adams, chief technology officer, Microsoft Federal. “This is the highest level of FedRAMP ATO available, and it is a great honor for Microsoft to receive this certification. In addition, the pragmatic and holistic approach we took in achieving the provisional ATO for Windows Azure and its underlying datacenters will help pave the way for FedRAMP P-ATOs for even more Microsoft cloud services.”
FedRAMP is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The JAB is the primary governance group of the FedRAMP program, consisting of the chief information officers of the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. General Services Administration.
ASTD 2013 is the premier event for workplace learning and development professionals, with more than 9,000 attendees from over 80 countries.


Monday, May 20 - 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Room C 140
Workshop code: M31EXD
Simon Mormen, Managing Director, Atomus
Workshop Information
Does your coaching program contain all the vital elements to ensure your classroom training sticks?
Many large organizations have only just started to understand that in order to make their training stick they have to take a more analytical view of the post training coaching that take place in the field.
This workshop will explain the fundamental must haves to maximize the effectiveness of your coaching with insights into how global organizations use the a:coach coaching tool to get ahead of the curve and create visibility and consistency in their coaching programs.
See how global organizations use the a:coach coaching tool to maximize training pull-through and coaching effectiveness. Learn how analyzing coaching metrics delivers crucial feedback to highlight training needs and enhance your future coaching strategy.
Without a tool to ensure that all the organizational coaching activity is centralized it is extremely hard to ensure:
  • Your training spend has been effective
  • Coaching is actually being carried out
  • What parts of the training have stuck and what parts have not
  • Where you need to focus resources to harvest low hanging fruit
  • The coach is coaching in a consistent and motivational way
  • Your coaching KPI’s are being assessed and reviewed
Add this workshop to your schedule if you...
  • Do not have clear visibility or metrics on your organizational coaching and realize you need to if you want to improve it
  • Think your coaching is lacking clarity and consistency but are struggling to prove it
  • Find your training budget is not yielding large enough visible benefits for the spend
  • Need to take your coaching to the next level and believe a coaching tool could be the way forward
  • Would like to understand how global corporates are using iPad technology to enhance their coaching effectiveness
  • Can see the benefit of centralizing your entire organizational coaching activities into a central system
Meet the team and see how a:coach could help you and your organization improve your Sales Force Coaching & Development.
For further information on ASTD 2013 International Conference & Exposition visit:
Following the success of the EyeForPharma workshop in Barcelona – Simon Mormen, Managing Director, Atomus, will be hosting the “How to Gain Visibility and Control of your Sales Force Coaching in 2013” workshop at the 11th Annual EyeForPharma event in Philadelphia.
The Barcelona workshop included attendees from; Bayer, TEVA, Servier, Mead Johnson, Merck, Roche, Merz, Leo Pharma, Biogen idec & Sanofi. The interactive workshop showcased the critical coaching components necessary and defined the essential metrics to manage, grow and to create world class coaching program for: Representatives, FLM’s, SLM’s and KAM’s.
Feedback indicated that many new coaching programs are being planned but few have actually reached maturity. Those that were more advanced reported good levels of learning improvement alongside commercial justification and success when integrated with a coaching tool. a:coach provides the framework and tools to implement or improve existing sales coaching programs.
How to Gain Visibility and Control of your Sales Force Coaching in 2013
Part One - Learn the 8 most powerful coaching components and why they are needed
Part Two - Chance for you to discuss with your peers issues and challenges with your current Field Coaching and then put questions to the presenter
Part Three- Demonstration of how the a:coach iPad coaching tool brings together all of your disparate coaching components into a central location to maximize visibility, consistency and KPI reporting.
  • Understand how global Pharmas are using iPad technology to enhance their coaching effectiveness.
  • Learn 10 essential steps to improve your field force coaching.
  • Know the Top 6 coaching KPI's you should be tracking today.
  • Find out how your training budget can yield greater visible & measurable results.
  • See how a coaching tool can identify where you should focus your training and take your coaching to the next level.
Simon Mormen, Managing Director, Atomus
Further information
If you would like tickets or to book your place at the workshop, please feel free to contact us, alternatively further information can be found at:
For further information on a:coach please visit:

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