Mobile Applications

Atomus are able to integrate mobile applications to share and automate information with all 'on-premises' web or cloud based systems."
Atomus are able to integrate mobile applications to share and automate information with all 'on-premises' web or cloud based systems."

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Businesses realize they have to innovate to remain competitive and most companies plan to use, or consider using, mobile technology. Mobile applications are not only essential to reduce costs and to stay ahead of the competition but are rapidly reshaping the way employees work and customers interact with businesses.

Employers are looking for ways to do things better and faster, and if you have a mobile application ready for your customers or employees to use, you will be a step ahead of the competition, gain clients, increase sales or streamline costs.

However large your organization, or the choice of sector(s) in which it operates Atomus can deliver a tailored mobile app development solution that meets all your communication and data needs. As the information requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce rise and as customer demands and behaviors shift there are many reasons for a business to develop a mobile solution.

Imagine connecting with your clients and employees when they are not able to connect to wi-fi, when they are the move, when are in flights when they are a customer site or in the field. Imagine clients accessing your goods and services as and when they like. Imagine pushing business news and information to customers, staff members and prospects. Imagine making your business available to consumers during a journey to work. Imagine that you employees can work on the move at any time, any where, updating progress, changes and orders as they happen. Imagine no more…

Our team is extremely quick to grasp the fundamentals of any business or technological problem, they will understand, prototype and develop the application that delivers the functionality and benefits you seek. Atomus are able to integrate mobile applications to share and automate information with all 'on-premises' web or cloud based systems.

All Atomus mobile application development projects are designed, developed and delivered using the latest mobile software and hardware technologies.

More consumers leverage smart phones for search and social engagement.  The trend is only going to continue at an accelerated pace.  Where is your business on the mobile application development timeline?  Have you considered implementation?  Marketing is evolving at a mind-blowing pace.  Consumer engagement and customer service are at all-time highs.

More brands pursue mobile app development each week.  It makes sense; brands need to evolve and cater to consumer trends.  Mobile phone and device usage is an undeniable trend.  Atomus houses specialists with the passion and insight to address your brand's mobile application development concerns.

Why mobile optimization:

  • It's where marketing is headed.  Consumers ARE using phone and mobile devices.  Brands that do not modify approaches to meet consumer demands are destined for failure.
  • Mobile app development is popular because the associated technology is coveted by consumers, making it easy to shop, research, and engage desired brands, products, and services.
  • Mobile optimization is not just for consumers; it's advantageous to in-house workers as well.  Imagine the scalability made possible through a brand-wide system, allowing workers to easily check in and out of business with leveraged phones and mobile devices!

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Technologies

Atomus develop for the following platorms:


  • Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Operating systems: iPhone OS, OS X
  • Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, HTML, JavaScript, CSS


  • Devices: Any Android compatible e.g. Google Nexus One, HTC Hero
  • Operating systems: Android OS 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1
  • Technologies: Java

Windows Mobile

  • Devices: Any Windows Mobile compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows Mobile Classic, Standard, Professional
  • Technologies: C#, VB.NET, .NET compact framework 1.1 - 3.5

Technology suppliers don't make it easy for brands pursuing mobile app development solutions. There are a wide variety of platforms to address. No problem; we can address a number of platforms, including Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile. However, we don't stop there. Digging deeper, you'll find each platform has its own nuances. For instance, each respective platform has its own devices, operating systems, and related technologies; but, Atomus has the mobile app development skills to address your needs.

Mobile Case Study 1

Business Challenge

Cel Phone Scanner

A cultural sector client based in the UK needed a way to scan ticketed admissions for an outside event that would not only negate the need for a traditional hand-held scanner and attached laptop but would also verify multiple admissions on one ticket and prevent ticket re-use at other entrance points whilst also enabling a people count ability.

Business Solution

Atomus developed an Android based module for their Fastetickets digital ticketing system that can be downloaded onto any Android compatible devices and will act as a portable turnstile allowing operatives to scan ticket bar-codes whilst totally remote from a laptop or the main database.

The portable turnstiles synchronize with the main database via wi-fi or network carrier allowing each one to be updated in near real time ensuring that tickets can only be used once. The screen on the device shows how many persons were paid, i.e. 2 Adults, 2 Children and will also ensure that the ticket is valid for the correct date and performance time if applicable. The functionality will work with either a traditional printed ticket or a digital ticket displayed on another mobile device.

Business Benefit.


The client saved on the costs of buying new hand-held scanners and laptops for the event. The operatives were trained in less than ten minutes and successfully scanned single and multi-group attendees using one simple bar-code/sheet of paper per multi-person ticket. The client was able to monitor total admissions dynamically from a single off site portal.

Read how we applied mobile application development knowledge and put it into effect for a digital ticketing agency. One huge thing, brands need to consider in relation to applications technology, is branding. Branding means a lot in regard to ongoing marketing, as well as in creating a fan base and a community.

Mobile Case Study 2

Business Challenge

a:coach mobile app

A global pharma company needed to take full advantage of their iPads as laptops were being phased out in favor of the faster responding tablet devices. Physician time was harder and harder to come by and as such every second counted. Having to wait for a slow booting corporate laptop to boot up was not an efficient or cost effective use of the physician's limited meeting time.


Atomus ensured that the coaching tool utilized by the managers and the reps was available on the iPad as a native app. This meant the same functionality would run in parallel for the iPad and PC users as some countries had iPads, some laptops and some a mixture of both. All devices ultimately synced with the same database on the Microsoft Azure cloud and enabled seamless collaboration on coaching and development plans regardless of the devices I use. The system was also fully enable for multi language functionality in order to ensure maximum take up and minimum resistance from the global alignment perspective

Business benefit

The Coaching Connection

Multiple countries could continue to benefit from electronic coaching and development plans with minimal cross over training from the existing PC based tool. The iPads were embraced and the coaching interactions and developmental feedback became 26% greater as the ease of use of the new application encouraged greater usage. He corporation was able to cross off another application at had formerly jeopardized the all iPad transition.

Sometimes, brands need to accelerate technologies to address their consumers. Other times, brands need to implement mobile app development to address worker needs. A pharma company needed to meet the demands of accelerated technologies, parlaying present functions leveraged with laptops, to faster, more efficient iPads. Atomus was up for the mobile optimization challenge. We can do the same for you! We understand each case and client is unique; our tailor our skills to meet your demands. Again, we emphasize branding. It associates your brand actions, technologies, and personality to its target market.

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