About us

A Message from Simon…

Simon Mormen

Our passion is to understand new technologies as they evolve and be able to adapt them to the world around us to the benefit of our clients.
In the lightning fast world of changing technologies it pays to partner with an independent technology company who makes it their business to understand the latest changes and impact on business."

Our Mission

We will harness the power of Cloud computing and make it work for you.

Our Professionalism

Whether you need one of our semi - packaged tools,  a custom built browser based solution or a cross platform mobile device functionality, I am totally confident that we will design, build and deploy the right solution.

Our consultants have worked for many Blue Chip organizations , in fact it’s one of the senior personnel hiring criteria. I believe strongly that only by having worked for a Blue Chip can you really understand the pressures and drivers enough to deliver exactly what is required as well as appreciate the speed at which we, as an SMB, can deliver it.

Our Cornerstones

We focus on 3 key areas and find that as long as we manage those carefully everything else falls into place.

  1. Enhanced Service levels
    Everyone here understands that the Customer is king and has a choice. I am always available to speak with anyone who has an issue over customer service, I make that pledge and it will never change.
    We have built an enviable international client list by consistently exceeding service expectations and exploit this as our point of differentiation.
  2. Honoring our commitment to you
    By doing whatever it takes to deliver what we say we will deliver we not only motivate and satisfy our own drivers but delight our clients.
    We would be lying if we said that everything in our world of software is always 100% perfect but we understand communication is key and what we can guarantee is a smooth ride free from last minute surprises and let downs.
  3. Delivering quality software solutions
    Our reputation rests on the robustness and user friendliness of our solutions. In order to maintain our credibility we ensure that all our software releases pass rigorous internal test procedures even before they get to our clients’ for User Acceptance Testing.

I appreciate that any  web site can say many things and many times can be just a corporate babble of business buzz words. I have tried to ensure that we have given you the clear and honest facts as we see them and I am always happy to provide multiple telephone references if requested to collaborate anything that is displayed here.

I thank you for taking the time to take a look at our site and welcome any feedback you may have by contacting us.

I hope that you like what you have seen and look forward to being able to help you now or at some point in the future.

Best Wishes

Simon Mormen
Managing Director.